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Win Performance Co.,Ltd. guarantees professional service under the law, we are a legal debt collection company in Thailand.

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“Guarantees honesty transparency and accountability that comply with policies procedure at all times”

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Our managing team and representatives have many years of experience in this field, working with small businesses, large and growing companies. we understand regulations, all governing laws and deliver a professional, efficient and fair service, additionally we drive performance management within the organization by developing the performance of individuals and teams and linking Performance with the strategic goals of organization. In doing so, we can ensure that our high standards are always maintained for clients.

Knowledge management is the process for improving performance our employees by training and developing the knowledges, skills, abilities together with reviewing and assessing progress to archieve the goals of the company. moreover, a key point of Professional training to set our employees up for the continued success of debt collection and recovery by improving the knowledge base of critical information and best practices with giving the opportunity to learn about other part of business.

We provide the latest technology and the most sophisticated tools in the industry to make efficient and effective debt collection and recovery by using Debt collection system (DCS), Predictive dialer(PCS) Voice broadcasting software(POM) and more. Our system and software is designed for business of all sizes to save you time, money and hassle. Additionally, we also provide monthly reports so that clients may closely watch our progress and the impact it has on bottom line

Our success results from merging Professionalism and Effectiveness of managing team And representatives with debt collection and recovery strategies Techniques and technological the efficiency of the company. We hold itself to the highest standards of Professionalism, especially in the Delivery of standard services by Emphasizing unparalleled performance for clients. However, May select the standard services of the company, or work with our specialist team to design and develop entirely new ones using an existing service in a new way to achieve strategic business.

Data analytics are essential for debt collection and recovery, with an extensive analytics dashboard. Our client can analyze the collection efficiency, insight on the debtor, team performance, pending payments, ongoing activities, etc. We let our client make a well. informed decision to predict the delinquency and recovery rate with strategic planning.

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