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Whistle blowing Channels

The company has provided for channel for stakeholder including employees and outsides affected by or having risk of being affected by the Company‘s operations or the Company’s executives or employees performance to lodge complaint and report irregularities clue on an action that breaches the law or code of conduct and behaviors that may link to corruption. Stakeholders can report clues or lodge complaint to the following person or channel as follows.

Protection of Complaints or whistleblowers

In order to  protect the rights of complaints  and whistleblowers acting in good faith  the company will conceal names any address or information  that can identify the complaint or whistleblower and keep the information of the complaint and the whistle blower confidential. The information is limited to only those responsible for investigating complaints and who are able to access the information. in this case of a complaint regarding corruption of executives senior management the company will provide protection to the complaint or the whistleblower and the person who provided the information in the investigation. Not to suffer or unrighteousness Resulting from complaints, clues, testimony or information those responsible for performing duties relating to the complaint responsible for maintaining data complaints and documents the evidence of the complaint and informant is confidential. Do not share the information with the people who do not have any responsibilities. Unless it is disclosed as required by law.

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