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Win Performance Co., Ltd. is one of the leading in debt collection and recovery service companies in Thailand, The company was incorporated in 2015 with capitalization of 1 million baht and increased capital to 100 million baht on Dec 29th, 2021. We provide full services on debt collection and recovery business under the boundary of the Debt Collection Act, B.E. 2558 (Act to demand fair debt). We are professional, keen and highly experienced team by focusing on work performance efficiency, awareness of good image concern and client confidence.

Apart from the debt collection and recovery service, we provide full circle of legal process outsourcing service in the following legal areas: Debt recovery, Litigation, Mediation, Asset searches, Legal execution and more. Working side-by-side with clients and closely case to follow up by our expert and experienced legal team, in addition, we have the solid business model to benefit our clients on a foundation of

  • Quality services
  • Smooth workflow process
  • Data confidentiality
  • Security management system.

More importantly, we maintain highest ethical standard and strong culture of compliance with all governing laws and regulations covering the business of the company. Our ongoing success the result of commitment and the disciplinary approach to business by focusing on creating values and sustainable growth.We provide services with companies in the industries to create efficiencies and optimize business processes. The service’s details are as follows:

  • Automotive
  • Banking/Non-bank and Credit Card
  • Mortgage
  • Retail
  • Telecommunications
  • Utilities
  • Hire purchase


Win performance is a leading company in the business of debt collection and recovery services


WIN Provides excellent service and client satisfaction. We are committed to operating a business with transparency and good governance, driving innovation and technology to promote different ideas, creating value and responsibility for society and the environment.

Corporate Value


The ability to work professionally with the utmost focus on achieving success, regardless of obstacles, and to think systematically and utilize skills and expertise effectively.

Shared vision

Effective communication of accounts and knowledge from all individuals shared among all levels of personnel, fostering understanding, Camaraderie, and a shared commitment to absolute efficiency and achieving organizational goals sustainably.


A mindset centered around the principles of team collaboration, which leads to personnel aiding and supporting each other in the creation of products and services, subsequently resulting in an environment where members help each other and leverage individual strengths, fosters problem-solving, shared decision-making, and goal achievement.



Personnel with the ability and flexibility/agility to adapt by changes are a key force in enhancing, solving, and responding to needs quickly in all situations.

New ability

Continuous learning to elevate knowledge and ability of employees, providing all personnel opportunities for innovation, which is then further incorporated to modernize processes and technology to be able to satisfy the operational needs of the business to meet and adapt to rapidly changing situations and demands.

Organization Chart


The company has provided for channel for stakeholder including employees and outsides affected by or having risk of being affected by the Company‘s operations or the Company’s executives or employees performance to lodge complaint and report irregularities clue on an action that breaches the law or code of conduct and behaviors that may link to corruption. Stakeholders can report clues or lodge complaint to the following person or channel as follows.