AS a full service receivable management company currently we have seven core services to help our clients in debt management

Service are as follows;
  • Skip tracing
  • Pre-collection program
  • Debt collection and recovery
  • Litigation filling / Judgment execution
  • Professional training for your staff
  • On-site visits to debtors (Mobile with GPS)
  • Account Receivable management
Industries have experience in;
  • Credit card / Personal loan
  • Telecommunication
  • Commercial / Housing loan
  • Hire purchase / leasing
Collection and recovery system
Collection and recovery system
Voice logger
Voice logger
Predictive outbound dialer
Predictive outbound dialer
Internet Contact
Internet Contact
Outbound message
Outbound message
Call center
Call center


“WinPERFORMANCE use Debt collection (DCS) and recovery (LPMS) system and software, that is more powerful, more flexible and easier to use including feature skip tracing, collection reporting, account analysis, fully automated workflow and predictive outbound dialer with voice recording to record evidence of violation and all regulation because the system fully integrated, all data is continued in single, relation, database enabling comprehensive reporting of all activity for collection performance.

Debt Collection Technologies
  • Collection (DCS) and recovery system (LPMS)
  • Predictive outbound dialer
  • Automatic outbound message
  • Call recording (voice logger)
  • Voice broadcasting system
  • Internet contact
  • PCI DSS compliance program
  • Monitoring system
A great tool with user friendly features
  • Account inquiry
  • Collection activity / view action
  • Amount collected
  • Data analytic and reporting
  • New account entry
  • Message center
  • Number of account placed
  • Amount placed
  • Closed amount
  • Request letter
  • System generate performance
Methodologies for portfolio analysis
  • Co-incident delinquency indicator
  • Lagged delinquency indicator
  • Net flow analysis
  • Vintage analysis
  • Monitoring of behavior
  • Debt collection survey
  • Number of account placed

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